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The casino slot machine on-line program management office , looks forward to helping the Java community interact at the numerous slot functions to be held during the 2004 JavaOne Conference. The conference will be held in San Francisco, CA 28 June - 3 July. The JCP program events will enable the community meet itself, to add to the sense of community, of striving for a common goal. In particular, Tuesday night's annual community event, the JCP BOF session, and the expert group meeting room available Monday through Wednesday of the conference will enable community members to meet each other, the PMO and JCP Executive Committee (EC) members. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

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casino slot machines tell an odd story: Two years ago, the Phoenix community's dynamic young president wheedled a bunch of proxies from residents, ousted the board, and took over everything. Odder still is the story told by nearby Lago Estancia Community Association: At the exact same time, the same man was doing the same thing there. In a special report, we piece together the alleged case against Jason Hope. Rural Development Acting Under Secretary Gilbert G. Gonzalez (click photo to enlarge) was in Ohio to recognize the Fayette County Community Action Commission's efforts to make affordable housing available. The Commission has completed 120 homes using Rural Development's Self-Help Housing program. Under Secretary Gonzalez presented the Commission with a $550,000 grant that will help build 30 new homes in Washington Court House, Ohio.

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