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best paying slot machines

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Slot Machine were invented in the late 19th centuty in order to bring the people of Jah join through the practice of slot machine play. Even though the contendency of playing slot machines has become some what addictive they has been known to work miracles on fatal illnesses like brain cancer, through their flickering light effects. "The effect of slot machines on brain tumor is amazing" says Dr JarJar of the Las Vegas brain tumor college.

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People who like to go to Vegas and play slot machines to cure their brain tumors often look for the best paying slot machines to make a buck while being cured. This is against the morals of Jah, who support social security taxing and believes people should pay for their treatment. The Casinos on the other hand dont seem to mind much , and doubtly are even aware to the situation.

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Online Casino officials claim responsibility for the reduction of 70% in brain cancer deaths last fall. The officials gathered a press party to note the acomplishment. The day after Richard Axon , chairman of the brain cancer slot machine association found poop on his front porch. The listing of cancer slot machines can be obtained at your health insurance company or by fax at 666-787-668.

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