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Online Nickel Slots: The Small-Stake Slots

Are you the kind of slot machine player who prefer to play over a long period of time? Do you have a small to medium-sized bankroll?

Then online nickel slots is the game for you. As the name goes, you get to play slots for as little as a nickel per spin. And yet, this doesn't mean you're out to win only paltry jackpots. Online nickel slots also offer princely prizes. Since machines give jackpots that are based on how long you've been sitting at a machine, online nickel slots is an ideal way to enjoy slots for a longer time at less stake per spin, and yet for a good jackpot win.

If you're up for meatier jackpots, there's the progressive online nickel slots, which draws your dream figures per number of online slot plays.

Online nickel slots generally come with 3,5, and 8 reels, and many machines allow up to 3 coins per spin. To play, all you need to do is click on the "spin" button that appears on your screen after you have made your bet. To win, all you need to do is hit a pattern (such as 3 Ks or three clown faces). Your chances of hitting a pattern are governed by a random number generator. This random number generator is the system that automatically generates all types of patterns in a slot machine and is devoid of human control.

Like many online slot games, online nickel slots can be played using either the flash-based version or the download version. With the flash-based version, all you need to do is load the game into your internet browser. To play in the download version may take time but its sound quality and graphic look is better.

As also typical of many online slot games, online nickel slots can be played for free or for real stakes.

If you want to while time away without giving real stakes or if you want to check out first which online nickel slot game is most fun for you, then play free online nickel slot games first.

But if you're up for the thrill of betting, the payouts, and the jackpot, online nickel slots are small-staked games for medium to big wins.

So if you don't have the heart, the will, the bankroll for the big bets, then play online nickel slots. It's the slot machine that asks nothing more than a nickel. Or even if you have the heart, the will, the bankroll for the big bets but prefer spreading your bankroll and enjoying slots for an extended period of time, then online nickel slots is also the game for you. It gives you all the thrills of gambling at so small a risk.

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